Porcelain Enamel Signs - The story behind RAMSIGN house numbers and nameplates


  • History

    Porcelain enameled signs has a long tradition in Europe. They were originally manufactured in large quantities at a number of enamel factories, for example Glud & Marstrand's Fabrikker in Denmark which were also suppliers of porcelain enameled cookware to the European homes.

    During the decades following WWII many consumers turned to cheaper, mass produced signs, made from plastic and other low cost materials. Moreover, in the beginning of the sixties companies turned to mass advertisement and the authorities ceased to order enameled car number plates. Consequently, almost all enamel production was eventually closed down.

    In 1991 Ramsign revived the production of porcelain enameled signs by the help of skilled craftsmen with life long experience. Today the signs are still produced by hand with the original stencil technique and porcelain enamel, also referred to as vitreous enamel, or glass enamel.

    Stencil Technique

    All our signs are manufactured with genuine glass enamel and stencil technique, which is the original manufacturing method. Production takes place exclusively by hand. Thus arises the small inaccuracies which gives he signs their unique craftsman touches.

    The hand made stencilling, and the fat, glossy enamel, are important characteristics, and the very soul of the traditionally produced enamel signs from Ramsign.
  • Burning

    Each enamel sign is carefully stencilled and burned at 800 degrees Celsius. This process is repeated for each color. Enameling is a ceramic process in which small changes in humidity, temperature and time is essential for the and appearance of the enamel colour.

    Only when the enamel is melted and cooled down the true color of the enamel will appear. Manufacture of enamel signs can be compared with the production of blown glass, where no two copies are alike.
  • Usage

    The most obvious quality of the products is the classic design that is well understood and appreciated by generations over most of Europe. The main functional quality is the extreme hardness of the enamel, which provides resistance to sun, water and dirt.

    All Ramsign signs are enamelled on the back to prevent corrosion. This ensures every sign a long, virtually maintenance-free life.
  • Mounting your signs

    All signs are delivedre with mounting materials. The nameplates comes with small brass screws for the woodwork. House numbers comes with the weatherproof "Climate-X" torx screws including black nylon washers and plugs for masonry.

    We recommend, that the screws are not tightened too hard to avoid damage. Porcelain enamel can be compared with a thin glazing. As long as the enamel is intact, it is an almost imperishable protection against wind and weather.
  • Commitment to Quality

    Not only is the quality of the signs exceptional, but to make a point of it, every single product is covered by a 30-year warranti PLUS our "Full satisfaction or money back guarantee". Wether your purchase is for you own personal home improvement or for a gift, you will have peace in mind knowing, that nothing can possibly go wrong - you can always return ANY product.

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