Classic House Numbers

In 1991 Ramsign revived the production of classic porcelain enameled house numbers including custom name plates, door signs, address signs, street signs, and house numbers / number signs based on original designs and techniques.

Learn about our range of exclusive enamel house numbers, and discover how you can sweeten your everyday life with more beauty and style.

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You can safely order any Ramsign house number. If you are not 100% satisfied with your product, we will refund the price paid for the product. This we guarantee.

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Received. They are beautiful.
It is nice that there are still companies for whom quality is paramount :o) Thank you!
Christina, Faaborg, Denmark

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Why choose Ramsign?

Only Ramsign offers real old fashioned, hand stenciled house numbers, featuring original design, thick and glossy enamel, 30-year warranty, excellent service, free delivery, and money back guarantee - that’s why!

Are Ramsign’s prices competitive?

Yes. Nowhere else will you find a high end product, backed by a full money back guarantee, including 30 years warranty, and free delivery at a lower price. We will gladly refund the price difference if you do. Our goal is not to make the cheapest possible products, but rather to deliver most value for the money.

What are enamel signs called in other languages?

German: emailleschilder. French: plaques émaillées. Spanish: placas de esmalte. Dutch: emaille borden. Italian: piastre smalto. Portuguese: placas de esmalte. Norwegian: emaljeskilte. Danish: emaljeskilte. Swedish: emaljskyltar. Finnish: emalikyltit.

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Looking for house numbers for your home?

Here you will find the best house numbers money can buy. We have been specializing in the manufacture of genuine hand-crafted house numbers since 1991. Order yours today with a money back guarantee!!
House Numbers House Numbers House Numbers
House Numbers House Numbers House Numbers
Round House Number Round House Number Round House Number
House Numbers House Numbers House Numbers
Enameled Address Plaque Enameled Address Plaque Enameled Address Plaque

Enameled blue house numbers

blue enamel house numberThe traditional blue porcelain enamel house number plaques with white numerals are here to stay. This design dates back to the 1850’s, and it is the mother of all house number designs. Often the blue and white house numbers are referred to as “French house numbers”. However, these signs have been used all over Europe for more than a century, and they are a true European classic. Order your classic blue house number today – it will last you a lifetime!

The dramatic birth of an house number

Each house number is carefully stenciled and burned at 800 degrees Celsius. This process is repeated for each colour. Enameling is a ceramic process in which small changes in humidity, temperature and time are essential for the appearance of the enamel colour. Only after the enamel is melted and cooled down again, the true colour of the enamel will appear. Manufacture of house numbers can be compared with the production of hand made blown glass, where no two copies are alike.

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