• Address plaques The splendid address plaques offers good visibility from the road, yet the design is clearly “old world”. Choose an Exclusive Address Plaque if you wish to add style and tradition to your home.

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  • Blue Classics Ramsign's classic Metropolitan Series is celebrating it’s18 years anniversary this year. The blue house numbers can be traced back to the industralisation in the 1800s where they quickly found application in many parts of Europe. In addition to the house numbers, the blue colour became widely used for the street signs in our cities. But why not go whole hog? Ramsign has created a whole series of blue house numbers and name plates witch match each other perfectly. The Metropolitan Series is an original and classic design that never goes out of fashion.

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  • Black & White Not surprisingly, RAMSIGN's black and white Highlander Series became an instant success when RAMSIGN opened it’s doors for the first time in 1991. This simple, yet stylish design is here to stay. Through two centuries this design has been gained an enormous use across Europe for all kinds of text signs. The expression is tight and simple, and the signs are easy to fit into any environment. Choosing a house number 11 x 14 cm up to No. 50, we can deliver it immediately. But there are many other formats you can choose from - and you must of course remember to order a beautiful nameplate to suit!

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  • Freedom of choice If you need a house number with several numbers or letters, the format 4.3" x 8.3" is a good solution. In many non-European countries 4- and 5-digit house numbers are commonly used. The price is only 69 EUR, and the delivery time is 4 weeks.
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  • 30 years warranty RAMSIGN's products are not only pleasing for the eye, but they are also designed for maximum durability. All RAMSIGN's plates are manufactured 100% in conformity with the indigenous craft traditions and comes with 30 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Ramsign's promise to quality is well known and has been a matter of course since the foundation of the company.
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